Our seminars focus on the entire thesis road from conception to publication, providing you with clear structures, tools and writing skills, along the way.

On completing our course, you will be confident in refining your thesis topic, conducting a guided literature review, creating a successful writing framework, and will be able to write a scientific paper using sophisticated and concise English.

Your paper will contain a logical flow sequence using suitable language, and will possess a take home message that is clearly evident to the reader.

Course Description

The seminar consists of a wide range of topics. These are designed to give the student a writing structure with clear tools that they can confidently use to produce a well written scientific paper in English. Authentic examples from existing journals are analyzed, group discussions are developed, and both soft and hard skills for academic writing, are thoroughly examined.

Furthermore, correct vocabulary for scientific writing is provided, and every student has the opportunity to gain direct feedback on their individual work through the production of a “mini paper” during the course.

On request the seminar content can also be delivered through as private lessons a 1-2-1 or group format.

Session Topics

  • Tips and tools for refining the research topic
  • Critical analysis of authentic scientific materials
  • A structure for conducting a clear, methodical and referenced literature review
  • Tools for developing and critiquing a writing skeleton
  • Relevant writing structures, vocabulary & grammar for each section of a paper
  • Paragraphing, sentencing, punctuation & editing skills
  • Specialized language & referencing skills
  • Ample exercises to practice applying learnt techniques
  • Individual and immediate feedback on session work
  • Writing a “mini paper” & marked feedback

What Clients Say

Academic writing is a very helpful course for non-native speakers. Each part of an academic paper was discussed in detail, including grammar and suitable vocabulary. The homework of writing a short paper step-by-step, was very useful for practicing.
Dr. Esther Schnabl, Competence Center Politik und Regionen, Fraunhofer ISI
I have taken part in the academic writing course of Nicole Klein. Although experienced in writing papers, the course helped me to significantly improve my language skills in the field of academic writing. Therefore I would recommend the course not only for beginners, but also for more experienced scientists.
Dr. Martin Pudlik, Competence Center Energiepolitik und Energiemärkte, Fraunhofer ISI
I found the course well structured and it gave me good insights of how to plan writing an academic paper. The atmosphere was very good and Nicole did a good job, being motivated throughout the course. I think what I learned will be very useful in my future work.
Johannes Hartwig, M. Phil., Competence Center Nachhaltigkeit und Infrastruktursysteme, Fraunhofer ISI


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