Whether you have attended a seminar or not, we offer a detailed editing service to assist you in refining your written English materials to a high standard.

This service is suitable to a wide variety of people including students seeking thesis guidance, direction and proofing; professional scientists requiring fine tuning of their papers; marketing professionals needing correction & refinement of advertising materials

In addition to standard editing, our service also includes comments to assist you in understanding repetitive problem areas, as well as advice for improving these.

Editing Services

  • correct use of grammar, vocabulary & punctuation
  • correct sentence construction
  • editing to express ideas clearly and concisely
  • vocabulary optimization
  • reduction of repetition in language use
  • logical flow of text and arguments
  • text rearrangement for optimal order, if necessary
  • re-writing of unclear sections, if necessary
  • personalized feedback and writing advice
  • complete US or UK spell check
  • word count reduction

Accepted documents

  • thesis work (chapters or the whole work)
  • papers for journal submission
  • conference papers
  • application letters
  • essays
  • marketing materials (brochures, flyers, presentations, website content)

The cost of our editing service depends on the number of words in the document and the priority level required to process it. Please contact us for details of the cost structure.


Confidence. Clarity. Success.

All of our training options are flexible and are designed to perfectly fit to your needs and problem areas.

Contact us today for a consultation regarding how a package can be personally designed for you, or your organization.