Why Choose Us

In today’s global world, English is the common medium for international communication. Despite the advantages this provides, many non-native English professionals encounter obstacles to expressing themselves clearly and effectively. At NK-Procom we recognize your frustrations, believe in your potential for international professional success, and wish to remove any English related hurdles to this success.


We endow people with the tools, strategies and confidence they need to exceed in their English communication goals.


We facilitate targeted English learning, specific to an organizations needs, that is delivered in a fun and diverse environment.


We provide you with the language frameworks and tools you need to succeed in your professional situations requiring English.

Nicole Klein

Nicole Klein is a native Australian with a background in Science and Communication. Based in Germany, she founded NK-Procom through an awareness of the difficulties faced by international business professionals, seeking to communicate in an increasingly global market, where English is the dominant language.

Within the training environment, Nicole’s highly refined interpersonal skills, along with her ability to make challenging learning situations as supportive and as fun as possible, make her unique. She is able to easily communicate and connect with people, and possesses an uncanny ability to meet each of her students on their own individual level.

It is Nicole’s sincere intention that each of her seminar participants completes her course with significantly improved English skills, renewed confidence, and possesses a fresh determination to succeed in their English communication goals.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Bachelor of Science – University of Adelaide, AU (2000)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Science – University of Sydney, AU (2006)
  • Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults – University of Cambridge, UK (2010)
  • Certificate in International Business English Training – Trinity College, UK (2011)
  • ELTAF – English Language Trainers Association Frankfurt

I believe that obstacles exist to be conquered. With targeted training in the necessary areas, I have the confidence that English, as a form of communication, need not hinder anyone from being successful in their profession.
Nicole Klein, Procom

Confidence. Clarity. Success.

We wish to help you reach your full potential within your professional English communication range.

All of our training options are flexible and are designed to perfectly fit to your needs and problem areas.

Contact us today for a consultation regarding how a package can be personally designed for you, or your organization.